Monday, July 23, 2007

Last weekend

On Friday after Chinese class, I went to the mountains outside of Taipei to swim in the river and enjoy some natural hotsprings with my friend Spring. It's about 20 minutes on the MRT (Taipei Subway), and then another 30 minute bus ride through the winding mountain roads to the small hotspring town of Wulai. Getting into the mountains and into the river is the best way to cool off on a hot humid Tapei summer day. After jumping from the cliff and swinging from the rope swings from the cliff ledge into the cool blue, green water, the natural hotsprings that come up from underneath the river banks are so relaxing. The hotsprings form natural pools at the river bank in varying tempuratures so you can pick the one that's at the perfect tempurature of your preference. Further up the trail is Wulai falls (pictured here) and I've heard another more beautiful waterfall exists even further up the trial.

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