Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hua Yuan Xin Cheng

The video opens with a view from the front window of my house. The rest of it was taken around the mountain streams around where I live. The mountain community I live in was an exclusive villa in the 70's. But now with the subway system in Taipei, most people consider it inconvenient to not live as close as possible to a subway station. And being in the mountains there are no subway stations close by. Which is great because the rent here is much cheaper than the rest of Taipei and it's such a beautiful area. Not only is it much quieter but the air is cleaner, and there are nearby hotsprings and mountain streams to swim in. It's only a 15 minute bus ride to the subway, from which you can conveniently get to pretty much anywhere in Taipei.

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(jeremy) said...

Hey that's really cool. You're living the dream out there...

If I ever do an Asian adventure I'll look you up.

Nice music in the video. Did you make it?

I was listening to Rude in the car the other day. Tried to sing along and had to relearn the words!!